Email is an amazing technology that has enabled millions of people to go completely insane trying to slice up files, keep track of versions and untangle conversation threads when what they would really like to do is get some work done.
Here are some ways that CircleDoc can eliminate the headaches you get when you try and collaborate on PowerPoint presentations using email as your platform.
  1. File Size: There is no arbitrary upper limit to the file size you can share, and no ‘mailbox full’ message with CircleDoc
  2. Real time: A change in a CircleDoc file can be synced to dozens of collaborators in an instant, and everyone is instantly on the same page. This is radically different than emailing out a new version of the preso your team is working on and hoping that everyone keeps up to date.
  3. Versioning: Often a big preso has multiple authors from different teams who need to ‘pass the football’ to each other and add in their contribution. But with email you can quickly end up losing track of who actually has the football, whether they have the right football and even how many footballs you are supposed to have. With CircleDoc, everyone can access the preso at the same time, syncing just the slide that they have modified with a single keystroke.
  4. Access: You can usually get to your own inbox if you need to get hold of a presentation you worked on sometime in the past, but what if the version you need is sitting on someone else’s system? With CircleDoc, all of your presentations are kept in a central repository that you can access even if you were not the last person to touch them.
  5. Email thread drift: The nature of email is that when lots of people get involved, conversations drift out of control. CircleDoc keeps a chat timeline for each presentation, meaning that communication goes out to everyone who collaborates on that presentation and is only about that presentation.
The CircleDoc team has years of experience with these headaches, and since we made CircleDoc we don’t suffer from them anymore. We hope you will come and join us in this brave new world!