Once you have installed the Powerpoint plug in by clicking here and restarted PowerPoint, your application will look a bit different. In your PowerPoint Ribbon, you’ll see a new section labelled ‘CircleDoc’ which will give you all of your CircleDoc options.

The first thing you will need to do will be to sign yourself up for a free membership. Click on the ‘Login’ button then click on ‘New Account.’ You’ll be guided through the steps to get you account up and running.

Now you need two things 1) A presentation to share 2) People to share it with

So create a presentation, or open an existing one. Then in your CircleDoc ribbon, choose “Save as new in CircleDoc” : you’ll have no friends at this point, but you can benefit from ‘go anywhere’ access and backup of your file.

A copy of your PPT file has been sent to your secure CircleDoc storage location, so you might want to move away the original PPT file, since you won’t be needing that anymore. From now on, you’ll open that presentation via the “Open from CircleDoc” menu.

Now to get some friends: first they’ll need to sign up to CircleDoc just like you did. Then you’ll go to the “Friends” menu to Search and add them, a bit like you would in Skype. Now they will show up in your “Share with Friends menu” and you are ready for real-time collaboration.