If you have used a computer for any length of time you are probably an obsessive ‘saver’: you hit CTRL + S every chance you get because you never know when your file is going to disappear. Relax now, though… you are on CircleDoc and we are looking after your files!

When you do save your files, you’ll be asked if you also want to upload the presentation. If you are working alone, this is uncomplicated, but if you are doing real-time collaboration with your CircleDoc friends this can slow your colleagues down a little bit because you might be uploading versions of slides they are in the middle of modifying so they will have to push a button to keep their slides intact and accept your changes on the ones they are not working on.

There is a cleaner way of doing this, which is instead of saving the whole PPT presentation, just Save the current slide. There is even a keyboard shortcut [ALT + C + U]

As well as making life easier for your colleagues there is another benefit. Instead of sending megabytes of data for a complete preso, you are only sending the info that you need, greatly speeding up the process so it is practically instantaneous most of the time, letting you get right back to work.