Online collaboration for Office is hot right now, but PowerPoint is not quite the same as the other apps in the suite: The files get big fast and they very often have multiple stakeholders.

So when designing CircleDoc for PowerPoint we were very clear about how we DIDN’T want it to work. We didn’t want to send a huge blast of data every time you hit Save and then give you the task of deciding whose changes ‘win.’

We took the time to build a collaboration engine that sends just what it needs to, and encourages you to Save Slides, not whole decks. The result is that even in multiple megabyte, graphically heavy PowerPoint presentations changes circulate in a few seconds. Combined with the ‘heads up’ view of who is working on what slide at what time and integrated chat, we wanted to create the feel of people working side by side, not throwing presos over the wall to each other.

We think we have succeeded, and the feel of working with CircleDoc is way more frictionless than other similar tools we have used with PowerPoint, such as DocVerse and OfficeSync or even Office 2010.

Try it out – it’s free.