One of our key priorities for CircleDoc was to make updates so fast that you didn’t think twice about doing them, so that collaboration can stay real-time. By building unique technology that syncs just what is needed whenever you hit “Save Current Slide,” we allow you to send updates quickly even when filesize peaks.

Here’s one example we tested. Changing the text on a slide should take a few seconds, regardless of whether that is a single-slide, text-only presentation or if there are dozens of other slides with images, video etc.

So we tested a text change with a progressively larger presentation and here are our results.

Regardless of how complex and bulky the PowerPoint file, the time taken to send the text changes stayed flat in the range of 2 – 5 seconds, mainly dependent on network speed. Naturally, when you add a video or a very large image for the first time that takes longer to sync. But only that first time! If you move that video around, for example,  you are back to zippy updates.

Test this against other collaboration software that is based on syncing when you save the whole presentation and you will see radically different results.