PowerPoint is a ubiquitous tool in today’s schools: as a free service, the CircleDoc Public Beta is a great tool for educators. It plugs right into your existing PowerPoint 2007, and sign up is quick, easy and secure.

Here are some ways CircleDoc can be used in schools.

1)   Students get together to do a presentation.

They share the presentation via CircleDoc. They can each work on their section, or even team up on a section using the integrated chat. And there is no ‘forgetting to take it to class’ : just share the presentation with the teacher when it is done. The preso is on the cloud so the students can work from anywhere.

2)   Educators prepare class materials together

Take existing materials and share them via CircleDoc. Using chat and annotations, teachers can improve each others work until the final presentation is done. Create a snapshot and share it with students, instantly.

3)   Brainstorming

PowerPoint is commonly used to capture ideas in brainstorming sessions, but no-one wants to end up being the ‘secretary.’ Share the preso via CircleDoc and everyone can edit dynamically as the ideas come thick and fast.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. When you open up PowerPoint to multiple creative minds, the possibilities are limitless.