• Are there any limitations on the PowerPoint features I can use with CircleDoc?

No.  You can use any PowerPoint features just the way you’d use them without CircleDoc.

  • Can I just use the CircleDoc service by myself?

Absolutely, quite a few of our early testers use CircleDoc this way.  By storing your PowerPoint files on CircleDoc you have an automatic online backup of your presentation.  You can also create snapshots of the file on CircleDoc’s servers and easily go back to earlier versions if needed.  Finally, because your PowerPoint files are stored in the cloud, you can always access the latest version from any computer that has PowerPoint with the free CircleDoc plug-in installed.

  • Can I control who can work on my shared files?

Yes, for each presentation you can choose which of your CircleDoc friends are invited to collaborate

  • Can I download my files locally?

CircleDoc takes care of all of your backups, but if you ever find you need a local copy, just use our “Save Local Copy” feature and save the file on your own computer.

  • Can I use CircleDoc in PowerPoint 2003?

No, CircleDoc only supports PowerPoint 2007 at this point.

  • Will CircleDoc support PowerPoint 2010?

Yes, CircleDoc will support PowerPoint 2010.

  • Does CircleDoc support PowerPoint on the Mac?

No, sorry, CircleDoc is not yet available for Mac OS versions of PowerPoint.  For now, Mac users could use PowerPoint 2007 running on dual OS solutions, such as Parallels Desktop, Boot Camp, or VMware Fusion. In addition, files that have been created or collaborated on using CircleDoc will still open without problems in PowerPoint 2008 for Mac.

  • Can I also work offline on my PowerPoint and then upload the changes later to the shared document?

Although CircleDoc is primarily meant for use when you’re online, you can work offline and update the CircleDoc-shared online document later when you’re back online.  Simply replace the slides in the CircleDoc (online) PowerPoint file with those you’ve changed in your offline file by copying them from your offline file.

  • Can I use PowerPoint’s comment feature in CircleDoc?

Yes, comments are stored with the slide.  If you sync the slide, other users will see your comments as well.

  • Are there any software requirements besides PowerPoint 2007?

Please see What gets installed post.

  • How secure are my files stored on CircleDoc?

CircleDoc data is stored on Amazon’s S3 storage servers, which use cryptographic methods to authenticate users.

  • Is the file transfer secure?

Yes. we use secured http communication.

  • Can another user see my files?

No, other users can only see the presentations you choose to invite them to see.

  • Do I need to create my own Amazon account for storage?

No, the files are stored and managed by CircleDoc on your behalf on Amazon’s storage servers.

  • How reliable is CircleDoc?

Our system has been designed for 99.99% availability, including the EC2 & S3 servers hosted by Amazon.

  • How does CircleDoc compare to other Office collaboration services?

CircleDoc is the only service focused 100% on PowerPoint, allowing us to provide unrivaled speed. Take a look at this illustration.

  • How does CircleDoc compare with browser-based slide creation services?

CircleDoc has similar benefits.  It also enables multiple people to work together on the same document; it also lets you access presentations from multiple computers.

But in addition CircleDoc has:

▪ No need to compromise on features.  You can use every single feature of your application of choice, PowerPoint 2007, using the exact same interface and shortcuts you have already mastered.

▪ No need to compromise on speed.  Instead of accessing the application and document from the cloud, the application (PowerPoint) and a cached version of the document actually reside on your computer.  The only time the CircleDoc PowerPoint plug-in accesses the Internet is when you or one of your collaborators decide to sync a slide or the whole file, which then syncs the slide or file in the background with the version in the cloud.  In addition, we’ve added a real-time chat and user monitoring module in PowerPoint, but these don’t impact PowerPoint’s performance.

▪ CircleDoc lets you also work offline and store your files on your local hard drive.

  • How does CircleDoc compare with Office Live?

Office Live is a service that lets you save files “into the cloud” and allow others to download the same files.  It does not enable multiple people to work on the same file at the same time. You can see Office Live as an online storage system, whereas CircleDoc is a true online collaboration system a la Google Docs – except you can collaborate with others from within your favorite desktop application without needing to compromise with a limited browser-based web application.