CircleDoc uses Microsoft’s ClickOnce technology to deploy our Powerpoint plugin on your PC. This allows us to do frequent updates seamlessly.

CircleDoc requires Powerpoint 2007 to be installed. It works with the trial version as well.

Please follow these steps to install the CircleDoc plugin for Powerpoint 2oo7

  1. Download and launch setup.exe from This software was made possible by open-source software.

    "Run" the Install application

  2. Next we’ll need you to “Accept” the License Agreement.
  3. Download progress dialog box will follow. If you have any missing Microsoft components or updates, the installer will gather those for you. Our installer’s foot print is about 40MB.
  4. Verify installation by launching Powerpoint and going to “CircleDoc” tab.


Thanks for installing and we hope you enjoy collaborating with others. Check out video and quick guide to get started.

As soon as we hear back from you (email or comments below), we will fix bugs, implement suggested enhancements and post updates. You will receive any software updates we release just by launching Powerpoint.

Also, please read this post about performance to find out about areas where we know we have some work to do.