Welcome to the first Beta Test release of
CircleDoc for PowerPoint!

Thank you for your time and effort in assessing the software that we are developing. This document will let you know how to Get Started with CircleDoc for PowerPoint and also tell you about a few known issues with the software in its current, pre-release version.

This software is a beta release and is provided ‘as is’ with no implied warranties.

That said, it works well and will be free as long as it is in beta! Feel free to circulate and discuss and invite all of your friends and collaborators.

System Requirements

CircleDoc for PowerPoint works with PowerPoint 2007 on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7. It will work with trial versions of PowerPoint 2007.

If you need it to work on a different version of PowerPoint or a different OS, please let us know so we can plan for future releases of CircleDoc.

How to get in touch with us

If you have any questions, problems, or other feedback please call or drop a line to Marc Horne [Pacific/UTC-8 Time Zone] at



Twitter: http://twitter.com/circledoc

Skype: marchorne

How to get and install the software

  1. Add “www.circledoc.com” to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer. To do so please go to Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Security Tab > Trusted Sites Button > Add “www.circledoc.com” to the list and uncheck “requires https:”. This is required since the certificate we used to sign the plugin has not been verified.
  2. Download and launch setup.exe from http://www.circledoc.com/CircleDocInstaller/Beta/setup.exe
  3. After clicking on the link, choose to Save the zip file to your desktop or your favorite download folder.When the download is complete, go to your desktop or download folder. If you see a folder named “CircleDoc Installer” open it then doubleclick the file “setup.exe” that is inside it. (If you don’t see this folder then doubleclick on CircleDocInstaller.zip first to create it.)
  4. Dialog box will give a warning with “Publisher can’t be verified.”. Trust us and click install. We are in the process of getting the legalities in order.
  5. Download progress dialog box will follow. Our installer’s foot print is about 40MB.
  6. Once installation completes, verify installation by launching Powerpoint and going to “CircleDoc” tab.

Getting Started

CircleDoc is an Add-In (Plug-in) to your PowerPoint application. This means that when you launch PowerPoint, CircleDoc launches too. You’ll see that PowerPoint now has a new section to its ‘ribbon’ labeled CircleDoc. That’s where you can access all of the CircleDoc Features.

What does CircleDoc do?

CircleDoc lets you save a presentation to your secure online account.

Once it is “Saved to CircleDoc” you can access it from any PowerPoint with CircleDoc installed, anywhere that you have Internet access.  You can also invite other ‘Friends’ to work alongside you.

When you are working in CircleDoc you don’t save the presentation {unless you change a master page or theme} you just save the slide you are working on. That means multiple teammates can work on the same slide deck at the same time and you can work quickly even when dealing with bulky presentations.

The Real Time Status sidebar shows you who else is working on the document, and you can all exchange Chat messages from inside PowerPoint.

Finally, you can save a Snapshot of your presentation to capture how it looks at any given time. It goes to your secure account and anyone who has access to the presentation can pull up a previous Snapshot version at any time.

First Steps

Once you have installed the CircleDoc for PowerPoint plug in and restarted PowerPoint, your application will look a bit different. In your PowerPoint Ribbon, you’ll see a new section labeled ‘CircleDoc’ which will give you all of your CircleDoc options.

The first thing you will need to do will be to sign yourself up for a free membership. Click on the ‘Login’ button then click on ‘New Account.’ You’ll be guided through the steps to get you account up and running.

Now you need two things: 1) A presentation to share 2) People to share it with

So create a presentation, or open an existing one. Then in your CircleDoc ribbon, choose “Save as new in CircleDoc”: you’ll have no friends at this point, but you can benefit from ‘go anywhere’ access and backup of your file.

A copy of your PPT file has been sent to your secure CircleDoc storage location, so you might want to put away the original PPT file somewhere, since you won’t be needing that anymore. From now on, you’ll open that presentation via the “Open from CircleDoc” menu.

Now to get some friends: first they’ll need to sign up to CircleDoc just like you did. Then you’ll go to the “Friends” menu to Search and add them, a bit like you would in Skype, Facebook etc. Now they will show up in your “Share with Friends menu” and you are ready for real-time collaboration.

The “Share with Friends” Menu includes an email notification option. The link that this email uses is secure: only your “Friends” can use this link.

You can also Share with Friends immediately after you Save the presentation to CircleDoc for the first time.

How to work with CircleDoc

Any time you make a change to a slide that you want to save, choose “Save Current Slide”: this will send just the changes you have made. The changes go to your CircleDoc secure storage account and in real-time out to any of your “Friends” who are working on the presentation.

Hitting “Save to CircleDoc” will push all the slides to your account and to your Friends. Generally you only need to do this when you have changed the Slide Theme, Master Page or Styles [which affect multiple slides.] This is slower than just saving a slide and if any of your “Friends” have slides with changes they have not recently saved, they will have to decide whether to accept the new version you are pushing them or not. So generally, “Save Current Slide” is faster and smoother.

Status and Chat

On the right hand side of the screen you’ll see any teammates who are working on the same presentation and what slide they have open. You can chat with them via the Chat field in the CircleDoc ribbon.

NOTE: if you see that a CircleDoc “Friend” is on the same slide as you, your changes might be overridden by your “Friend” or vice versa., depending who saves the slide first.  Generally speaking, you want to avoid having multiple people work on the same slide at the same time.  You could use the Chat feature to avoid this situation.


You might sometimes want to capture how your presentation looks before a major change. The “Snapshots” menu lets you do that. A read-only copy of the file is created in your secure online account. Any time you are working on this presentation, you can browse and open any existing “Snapshots” via this menu.

NOTE: There is no ‘revert to Snapshot’ feature at present. If you want to go back to a previous Snapshot version, you’ll need to Open that Snapshot via the menu, copy any slides you want over to your current CircleDoc version then hit “Save to CircleDoc”

Local Copy

The Menu item “Save Local Copy” lets you make a copy of a presentation from your CircleDoc account onto your hard-drive, USB drive etc. This might be useful for distributing a finished presentation to non-CircleDoc users.

Find out more at



What gets installed

CircleDoc for PowerPoint depends upon your system having a few components from Microsoft. If your system doesn’t have these components, it will download and install them for you. Below is a list of what we install, and what it is.

  1. DotNet3.5 SPI – CircleDoc uses Microsoft .Net technology. This will install the latest Microsoft .Net 3.5 framework. Learn More…
  2. Office2007PIA – CircleDoc PowerPoint AddIn needs to interact with Microsoft’s PowerPoint 2007 to provide a seamless collaboration experience from within the application. Microsoft Office provides a framework to enable .Net addins to do so. This prerequisite will install the Microsoft provided Office 2007 PIA framework. Learn More…
  3. VSTOR30 – CircleDoc PowerPoint AddIn is developed using Microsoft’s Visual Studio Office development kit.
    Microsoft provides a runtime framework to enable such AddIns to safely run on end users’ machines.
    This prerequisite will install the Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime library. Learn More…
  4. WindowsInstaller – CircleDoc requires support for Microsoft Windows Installer to check and install necessary components for the addin to function properly.
    This prerequisite installs latest WindowsInstaller component from Microsoft. Learn More…

Known Issues

  • The “Date Created” feature in the “Open fromCircleDoc” window is not working
  • Speed: Currently there are some areas where the application might seem slow.
    • “Save to CircleDoc”
  • CircleDoc Add In can become disabled if PowerPoint crashes. To reactivate, click on to the Office Menu [top Left Corner of PowerPoint window with the 4 colored squares]. Then click PowerPoint options. On the next screen, click Add-Ins on the left side then look at the bottom for a “Manage” field. Make sure it is set to “Com add-ins” then click “Go…”
    • On the next screen place a check mark next to “CircleDoc Collaboration PowerPoint AddIn.” Then click OK.
    • To be on the safe side, it’s best to restart PowerPoint after you do this.
    • If PowerPoint asks you to disable the Add-In due to the crash, please say ‘No’